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Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering in the Amazon Region. Geoeconomic and Geopolitical Effects

The drug problem and the recycling of profits derived from the drug trade and correlated activities is a truly complex problem, involving a complex set of interactions played out in different albeit connected scales of organisation.Thus, the study of a particular country or region cannot be isolated from other levels of analysis. Our purpose is (Leia mais…)

Zona de Fronteira e Cidades Gêmeas: uma tipologia das interações fronteiriças

Rebeca Steiman Along the wide brazilian international limit, the many bordering segments differ by their geographical characteristics and their relationships with their own central governments and the neighboring people. In no other places as the twin cities, symmetries and asymmetries between national territorial systems are so evident. Such people joining places, crossed by border lines, present huge potential for economic and (Leia mais…)

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