Geography of illicit drugs, banking and world financial system; Geopolitics of security and defense

Contrabandistas na fronteira gaúcha: escalas geográficas e representações textuais

Smuggling is eminently a geographic practice, which can be described as illicit commerce based in differences – of price, quality and availability of merchandises – generated by custom barriers associated to the delimitation of the Nation-State. This type of illegal international trade demands from its agents the knowledge of the applied geography of the border, (Leia mais…)

Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering in the Amazon Region. Geoeconomic and Geopolitical Effects

The drug problem and the recycling of profits derived from the drug trade and correlated activities is a truly complex problem, involving a complex set of interactions played out in different albeit connected scales of organisation.Thus, the study of a particular country or region cannot be isolated from other levels of analysis. Our purpose is (Leia mais…)

Financial Flows and Drug Trafficking in the Amazon Basin

Lia Osorio Machado This work examines some geographical effects of drug trafficking in the Amazon basin. From the symbiotic relationship between the organizations running the illicit drug trade and the banking and financial system, the author develops a methodology based on the role of networks in today’s political economy. [Link] Machado, L. O. 1998. Financial (Leia mais…)

The Eastern Amazon Basin and the coca-cocaine complex

Lia Osorio Machado This article considers some of the interactions between the illicit drug trade and the use of we explain this boom in drug activities after territory in the Amazon basin, especially in its eastern section, which belongs to Brazil. Despite the similarities of the settlement process in the western and eastern sections of (Leia mais…)

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