This paper analyses the construction prospect of bioceanic railway con- nection between the ports of Antofagasta and Paranaguá. The article considers that there is no spatial theory able measure with precision the economic and social impacts of transport investments. It is suggested that this theoretical gap can be filled by empirical analyses that offers elements for reflection based on specific spatial arrangements. The discussion first focus on reflections inspired by the transport geography: the relations between transport investments and development. The transition from geopolitical mistrust to the concept of regional integration in South America is also discussed. Furthermore it is presented a synthesis of the study commissioned by BNDES to evaluate the feasibility and the main obstacles to the establishment of a railway corridor between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

OLIVEIRA, Márcio Gimene de. A Ferrovia Bioceânica Paranaguá-Antofagasta e a controvérsia entre o modelo primário-exportador e o modelo desenvolvimentista. Revista OIKOS (Rio de Janeiro), Vol. 10, n. 2, 2011