Bernardo Cardoso de Castro

Study of the urban cluster formed along the last 30 years of human settlement in the South-Center area of Rondônia in the Brazilian Amazon region, and of the spatial role played by pioneer cities established in this area. Starting with the concept of urban systems as opened systems, similar process among the cities of the urban cluster are observed in order to investigate the formation of an urban opened system. After that, the study focus on some of the pioneer cities operating in the circulation of people, commodities and information between long and short distances. We believe that this work may bring new elements that can help future political actions over the study area, pointing out the level of interdependence among the cities of the urban cluster and how those cities are simultaneously related to activities in the local level as well as in wider territorial organizational levels.

Castro, B. C. 1998. Adensamentos Urbanos no Centro-sul de Rondônia. Dissertação de Mestrado (Mestrado em Geografia) – Programa de Pós Graduação em Geografia, Universidade Federal do Rio de  Janeiro, Rio de  Janeiro.