Lia Osorio Machado

Aglomerações Transfronteiriças e Mobilidade. Uma aproximação desde casos da América do Sul.

BORDER AGLOMERATIONS & MOBILITY. AN APPROACH FROM SOUTH AMERICAN CASES ABSTRACT International borders are a crucial element in the construction of modern states. The emergence and transformation of border cities is linked with the opening of bridges and other infrastructure of the international circulation system. Thus, these urbanized spaces highlights as required steps for legal and (Leia mais…)

As cidades-gêmeas Ponta Porã-Pedro Juan Caballero e Foz do Iguaçu-Ciudad del Este diante da des-articulação regional sul-americana

This work aims at evaluating how is the situation of the twin cities Ponta Pora-Pedro Juan Caballero and Foz do Iguaçu-Ciudad del Este in the face of the South-America regional disarticulations. In order to deal with this issue I prioritized the political and economic spatial dynamics, paying attention to the transport networks and productive structures. (Leia mais…)

Borders in the Press: South American Borders in Brazilian Journalistic Cartography

Novaes, A.R. 2009. Borders in the Press: South American Borders in Brazilian Journalistic Cartography. In: Royal Geographic Society – Annual International Conference, Manchester. Program Royal Geographic Society – Annual International Conference.  

Brazilian Border Region: Sections and Subregions

Brazilian Policies for Border Regions

[Link] “Illicit traffic, Borders and National Security” in  VIII Conference of Forte de Copacabana International Security. A European – South American Dialogue. November 4th, 2011. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Building Walls, Breaking Barriers: territory, integration and the rule of law in frontier zones

This paper surveys some of the issues that have emerged from an ongoing investigation on frontier zones in South America: the different meanings of regional integration; the symbiosis between legal and illegal economic activities and the temporality of local and regional responses to changes in some of the elements shaping the economic geography of frontier (Leia mais…)

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